Vintage and Thigh Highs

December 28, 2015

Hi eco babes,

When I recently bought this dress, I thought for sure I’d have to wait until the spring for it to be warm enough to photograph this outfit and put together a blog post for you guys. But, I mean…. 65 degrees….middle of December…. I think I was getting a sign from the eco fashion gods that this post needed to happen now.

ASOS had always been one of my favorite fashion retailers, even before my switch to sustainable. I was actually super bummed to have to cut ASOS out of my life when I started buying more consciously. They did have a great vegan leather bag and shoe selection, so I would still browse that from time to time… but as for apparel, I considered it “fast-fashion” and therefore off limits.

Until one day, I saw a tab on their category list called “Green Room Eco Edit” …. !!!!! Hello!! May as well just have said ASH CLICK HERE NOW. I knew right away that it would be right up by alley. I browsed and saw selections of handmade jewelry, vegan handbags, and clothing using recycled and vintage materials – Total. Jackpot. This is now one of my #1 places to go when shopping ethically and sustainably, and I don’t even tempt myself by looking in other sections. That’s one of the keys to ditching fast fashion, don’t tempt yourself! You won’t even know what you’re missing if you don’t browse around. I stick to the selections that I know meet my ethical standards and that’s it!

Onto the dress – I discovered it while browsing the eco category… And the pattern is what caught my eye instantly.

It’s made with re-worked vintage fabric, which of course is always more sustainable than producing new fabric. Reuse and recycle, bubs!

My cross body bag is by a fully vegan handbag company called Angela Roi. Not only are they vegan, but they give back to a number of different organizations depending on the color of the bag that you purchase. My bag gave back 5% to the Melanoma Research Foundation 🙂

My over the knee boots I purchased last year from Free People. I know FP is not a sustainable or conscious brand, but they do have killer vegan (oxymoron?) accessories which I personally appreciate and would like to support the demand of. Vegan is ethical within itself! How do you guys feel about purchasing vegan shoes and handbags from brands or companies that may not necessarily be sustainable or conscious? I’d love to hear below!

Hope you guys enjoyed this look! It’s one of my favs for sure!

Vintage Dress | Milk.It Vintage via ASOS

Vegan Boots | Free People (No longer available, similar here)

Vegan Bag | Angela Roi


XO, Ashley

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