Vegan Backpacks: Back To School

August 29, 2015

Since it is back to school time, I figured I’d put together a post featuring these super fashionable and well-made vegan backpacks from some of my go-to brands for handbags. If you, like me, are unfortunate enough to have already entered the “real-world” and no longer have “back to school” time, no worries because this post is still for you! Backpacks are VERY in right now. I love using a cute fashionable backpack instead of a handbag as I commute around NYC for work. I like the “hands-free” aspect of them, so I am able to carry any extra bags that I may have without feeling like I’m carrying too many things.

ALL of these options are fully vegan and PVC-free! There are very reasonably priced options as well as some more expensive options if you’re looking to splurge. Hover over each bag to see who makes it and where you can purchase!

Enjoy! Xo


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