Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For The Ethical Shopper

February 8, 2017



Valentine’s Day: Another over-commercialized holiday that has veered far from it’s original roots. When we think of Valentine’s Day, we may think of boxes of chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, and sexy lingerie. Not to put a damper on everybody’s love fest, but let’s talk about the issues with these traditional V-Day gifts for a minute. Conventional boxes of chocolate are filled with milk products and preservatives. Flowers from your average flower shop are being grown with toxic pesticides under questionable working conditions. Teddy bears could contain toxic flame retardants/dyes/other chemicals in the fabrics and produced in sweatshops. And lingerie from your local big box retailer is a product of fast fashion & made from unsustainable fabrics,

I’m here to offer 100% ethical, sustainable, & responsible alternatives to all of our traditional Valentine’s Day gifts this year! Best part of all? Four out of the eight items I have listed here are available on Amazon Prime. So, for those last minute shoppers out there like myself: I got you!

  1. *Organic Teddy Bear by BEARS FOR HUMANITY. I received one of these bears as a gift not too long ago from a loved one. I can’t even explain to you guys how happy it made me. This company is doing such great things and I wish more people knew about them. Let’s talk about all the reasons that make them the best EVER:
    – These bears are made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton (no plastics, no herbicides, no pesticides, no insecticides, no GMO’s, no dyes).
    – Hand sewn and stuffed in California by women and at-risk mothers from CalWorks.
    – Stuffed with recycled poly.
    – For every bear purchased, a bear is donated to a child in need. Click here for the list of organizations they work with to do this.
    So to sum all that up, they’re pretty freaking awesome. And I can vouch since I personally have one, they are SO incredibly soft!
    * Available on Amazon Prime.
  2.  Organic Chakra Balancing Flowers by GARDENIA ORGANIC. I discovered this amazing NYC florist last year around this time of year. I ordered a beautiful bouquet for my mom and she absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, this suggestion is going to be limited to those in NYC/Brooklyn, since they are currently only delivering to those areas (if you are outside that area, check my alternate suggestion below). The florist behind Gardenia, Hannah Ling, goes by the ‘Psychic Florist’ – her bouquets that she puts together are specifically arranged in ways that balance our chakras and have therapeutic properties through aromatherapy and color. All of the flowers are sourced from sustainable (and local, whenever possible) farms that are not using toxic pesticides and fertilizers and who only partake in fair labor practices. The price point is a bit higher than your average 1-800-flowers, but you just don’t find companies like this too often. I don’t mind splurging a bit (especially for a loved one) when I know it is going to a local business who is truly doing everything right. Did I mention how unique and breathtaking their arrangements are?!
    Need delivery outside of NYC/Brooklyn? Try out Farmgirl Flowers.
  3. Red Lace Bralette by Sokoloff from Azura Bay. It’s no new discovery that big brands like Victoria’s Secret have been called out on using toxic chemicals (formaldehyde) in their fabrics that have lead to their customers getting severe skin reactions. In addition to the possible carcinogenic nature of the fabrics, I’ve personally weaned myself off of underwire bras over the past year. The underwire prohibits your lymphatic system around the breasts to drain and detox properly. Now, while this is more of an issue for those still using aluminum-laden deodorants (I’ve been aluminum-deodorant free for about 7 years now!), I still don’t want to give my body any more of a reason to not be able to detox properly. So the fact that this bra is sans underwire (in addition to being so gorgeously stunning!) is what really caught my eye. It is produced ethically in Montreal, Canada by a slow lingerie brand!
  4. *Love Spell 100% Soy Wax Candle by AIRA. I always have a collection of candles on hand, I love how they can really change the energy of a room! Of course, I always opt for vegan wax candles made with only organic essential oils, and this candle by ARIA checks both of those boxes. Plus it comes in a mason jar AND is available on Amazon Prime? I’m sold 🙂
    * Available on Amazon Prime.
  5. Vegan Leather Watch by VOTCH. One of my favorite items that I own at the moment. So minimalistic and chic while also being conscious & vegan (in other words, all of my favorite things wrapped up into one).  I have the grey color but I thought the pink and gold was perfect to include in this Valentine’s Gift Guide. Every purchase gives back to an animal-loving charity!
  6. *Sex Dust by MOON JUICEIntrigued? If you’re not familiar with Moon Juice, they are a wildly unique and ahead-of-their-time company that makes all different types of powdery plant-based potions with loads of nutritional benefits. They have their brain dust, beauty dust, spirit dust, dream dust, power dust, and sex dust, all formulated with powerful natural and organic ingredients with incredible healing properties. The Sex Dust is packed with libido-boosting and hormone-balancing ingredients such as maca, ho shou wu, and cacao. Not only will this boost your energy but it will do great things for your organs and make your skin glow, too!
    * Available on Amazon Prime.
  7. *Box of Vegan Chocolates by PREMIUM CHOCOLATIERS. I think this is the first time I’ve ever came across a traditional box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, veganized. Truly happy to have stumbled upon these! If you’d like to spend a little less money, there are different shapes and sizes here.
    * Available on Amazon Prime.
  8. Vegan Leather “Olivia” Wallet by ANGLEA ROI. If you’ve followed me for a bit you know how much I love my Angela Roi. The quality of their bags is above any other and I just can’t get enough of their chic, timeless designs. They recently came out with their wallets and I’m in love with them. I thought this dusty rose color would work perfect in the VDay gift guide. You will not be disappointed!


Affiliate Notes: This piece is in no way sponsored and I was not asked by any of these companies to feature them. However, there are affiliate links throughout. This means that if you end up making a purchase a small referral commission will flow through to me. Read my full promise to you here.

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