Sneaker Wedges: Vegan. Organic. Sustainable.

December 7, 2015

I. Love. Sneaker Wedges. So insanely comfortable and they instantly add a little something extra to casual outfits. I had been on a constant hunt for a cute sustainable pair until I stumbled across these babes by MOVMT on This post is not sponsored in any way (none of my posts ever are) but I really highly recommend checking Vegan Chic out if you’re looking for vegan footwear. When I am in need of new shoes, they are my go-to. This is my third pair of shoes from their site, and I am never disappointed. Not to mention their amazing customer service that deals with all of my annoying questions. These kicks are the absolute definition of sustainable footwear. To be honest, I don’t think I could ask for anything more in a pair of shoes:

  • Waxed organic cotton canvas outer
  • Water-based glues
  • Organic cotton laces
  • Natural dyes
  • With every pair sold, MOVMT donates $1 to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a group dedicated to stopping plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals and the impacts on humans, animals and the environment!

Completely vegan, organic materials, AND gives back – What more could I possibly ask for?!

As for my shirt – I feel like it doesn’t need an explanation. It’s amazing, it’s me, and it’s #VeganAF.

I also wanted to touch upon my jeans for a second. So, right now, the “frayed” look to jeans is super in. Ripped jeans with a slightly frayed and cropped bottom is what I’ve been seeing in lots of fashion blogs recently and I’m a big fan of the trend. Since sustainable denim is something that I really struggle with finding a lot of – I decided to simply make my own. I had this pair of jeans in a pile of things to sell/give away simply because I didn’t like the way the length of the hem fell at the bottom.

One morning, I was getting ready and thinking how well a cute frayed pair of jeans would go with what I had on. I picked up this pair of jeans from the pile and a pair of scissors and just cut off the bottom hem that I wasn’t too fond of. I cut straight across and then just frayed out the edges slightly. I also cut a the hole in the knee to give it a slightly more distressed look. Now, they are one of my favorite pair of jeans!! To think they were going to be given away and just a few snips gave them completely new life and a new look – what’s more sustainable than that?! Anytime you extend the life of a current garment that you have and avoid buying something new, you are not only saving money, but making an eco-friendly decision as well.


IMG_0068I was lucky to have great company on this beautiful day of shooting for this post with my beautiful friend Dana! She has a super chic and fun fashion blog and is such a sweetheart, so make sure you check her out! You can find her blog here:

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple casual look and this gorgeous horsey!

Lots of vegan love,



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