New Year in Paradise

January 6, 2016

Happy New Year loves! To ring in my 2016, I decided to take a spontaneous last minute trip down to Florida to get some much needed Vitamin D! I don’t know about you, but I don’t necessarily believe in new year’s resolutions. My confusion with them is… why limit yourself to a start date? If you are that passionate about changing something, just change it right then and there! Why is there a need to wait until a new year?

So a few months ago, one thing that I promised myself I would focus on more (from that point forward) was to cherish and live in the moment. I constantly struggle with there not being enough time in the day and time always seeming to escape me. Time is so fascinating to me…. does it even exist? I’m someone who loves reminiscing about happy funny memories, and who also loves dreaming and wondering about the future; but, I’m starting to realize more and more that the only thing that exists and the only thing that we have is this present moment.

So, this spontaneous trip was me keeping my promise to myself. It was an absurdly amazing way to spend the new year, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to go. I stumbled across this UNREAL view and couldn’t pass up the photo opp. Taking pictures is my way of showing gratitude and appreciation of that moment. When you’re truly taking in and enjoying the moment, time just seems to stand still.

Onto the #EthicalFashion details:




Cape/Scarf/Shawl | Threads 4 Thought

Made from 100% Lenzing Modal

Threads 4 Thought is an ethical and sustainable slow-fashion company dedicated to producing responsibly and supporting sustainable initiatives. Modal is a sustainable natural cellulosic fiber harvested from sustainably sourced beechwood tees. I’ve worn this piece as a scarf, a shirt, and a bathing suit cover up: versatility = sustainability!

Beaded Clutch | Hiptipico 

Handmade in Guatemala

Hiptipico is a company dedicated to giving back and supporting fair trade. 100% of their profit goes back to the local artisans that produce their goods!! How amazing is that! Alyssa, the owner of Hiptipico, is a sweetheart that has relocated down to Guatemala so that she can work hand-in-hand with the artisans that produce her goods. She has developed special personal relationships with them and is helping to bring the beauty of their craft to the world. How many companies that you find in the department stores can say that they even know one name of someone who made their goods? None, I bet! What Hiptipico is doing is really special and I hope more companies follow their lead in the future… the fashion world would be a much better place <3

*Important point that I wanted to mention – this bag does contain an interior label that is made out of leather. Just a heads up for all my vegans!!

Wooden Sunnies | Fento Eyewear

Handmade from Biodegradable Materials

Fento supports reforestation – replanting trees destroyed by deforestation! These caught my eye immediately upon seeing them. I’m really trying to limit my plastic use, so when I saw these frames made from wood I instantly thought of how much more sustainable they are versus plastic frames.

Jeans | Thrifted via Poshmark

Anytime you thrift items, you are supporting the second hand market and therefore recycling and reusing!


Lots of eco love,


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