My promise is to only introduce you to products and brands that I personally support and that fit all of my ethical requirements.

While blogger transparency is gaining much attention recently, I felt that it was 100% necessary for me to address this topic with you to offer full disclosure behind the content provided on my site. If you have been a follower for awhile, you know that transparency is one of the first and most important things I look for in a company (be that beauty, fashion, food, and more) before buying their products. I love when companies have a ton of information to offer behind their specific products and their company as a whole. It’s very easy to spot when brand ethics are genuine or just conforming to fit in with the growing trend toward sustainability.

Being that I demand such a high level of transparency from the companies that I choose to support, it would only be fair for me to offer that same level of transparency with my readers as well.

The Ethical Blogging Catch 22: 

As you could probably guess, creating content for a written blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, and various other social media outlets by yourself is extremely time-consuming, online-labor-intensive, and it can definitely get pricey. As any great business-oriented mind knows, time is money. However, money was never the drive behind embarking on this journey years ago, and that still remains the same to this day. The driving force behind my content is, and always will be, to inspire all to live more consciously and ethically through sharing my lifestyle centered around being the change that I wish to see in the world (as Ghandi kindly ordered!).

That being said, here is the question: Is it unethical for conscious bloggers to accept compensation along the way? For introducing ethical brands who are doing the right thing to relevant viewers? For putting time and effort into content that hopefully makes the vicious world of consumerism a better place?

I have put a lot of thought into all of these questions… and after much contemplation… here is my verdict: No, it is not unethical for me to accept compensation, whether it be via affiliate links, side banner ads, product gratis, or even when companies are open to compensating me for the time that I put into my genuine review – as long as I am promoting products that are in line with my personal ethics and I am disclosing my affiliation to my viewers. 

My focus will always be on connecting you to kind companies that are doing great things for their consumers and for the Earth. I can assure you that any income that I have from my efforts is unfortunately not of any material amount, but if I can get some help here and there to help out with hosting costs, it does make a noticeable difference for me. At the end of the day, I cannot tangibly see how my efforts are having a positive impact on people and the world, so even the slightest bit of compensation helps me justify the time that I dedicate to my content.

Now, how does it work?

  1. If I share an article, photo, gift guide, etc. that includes links to specific products, it is possible that some of these links could be affiliate links. In other words, if you click on that link and make a purchase from that brand or retailer within a certain time frame, I will receive a referral commission on the sale (at no extra cost to you). Many of my favorite ethical brands do not have affiliate programs set up to offer this option to me as a referral source – and that is completely fine with me! I will still share great items with you even if I have no way of earning a commission.
  2. You might notice a few banner or skyscraper ads that appear on my site for various ethical-oriented brands and retailers. Similarly to affiliate links, if you click on these ads and end up making a purchase within a specified time frame, I will receive a referral commission on the sale (again, at no extra cost to you).
  3. Some products that I mention or review, I may receive complimentary. Now, of course this is a bit different than the two mentioned prior since I can’t necessarily pay my rent with free beauty products or clothing. However, it is definitely a form of compensation that does have value and should therefore be disclosed. Regardless of whether I purchased an item with my own money or it was gifted to me by a brand, I only choose to discuss products that meet all of my (very strict!) ethical guidelines.
  4. Some features may be part of a paid collaboration. Luckily, some extremely generous brands are open to compensating me for the time that I spend writing, recording, or photographing any content that includes their products. Let me be absolutely clear with this one, they are not paying in return for a positive review. They are simply compensating me for the time that I spend putting the content together, and my opinions will always remain genuine to my actual beliefs and experiences with their product.

In summation, here are my promises to you… 

  • I promise to disclose any products that I mention that I have not paid for with my own money.
  • I promise to disclose any paid collaborations in which I am receiving compensation for the content I have created.
  • I promise to only provide you with my genuine and honest opinions.
  • I promise that ALL brands/products/companies mentioned on my site are in line with my personal ethical standards and fall into AT LEAST one of the following categories:
    •  vegan
    • ethically produced
    • eco-conscious
    • organic
    • non-GMO
    • cruelty-free
    • recycled/upcycled
    • sustainable
    • fair-trade
    • zero waste
  • I promise to never mention a product solely for the reason that I could earn a commission from your purchase. Everything mentioned is in line with my personal style and ethics.
  • I promise to only collaborate with transparent brands that have a code of ethics that is in line with my own.
  • I promise to inspire you and help you along your journey toward being the change that you wish you see in the world! We are in this together, and we CAN make a change!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, babes. Like what you read? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of ethical love,