Looking For A Green/Vegan Eye Shadow Primer?

August 11, 2015

Ok, so I don’t know about you guys… But an eye shadow primer was always that ONE product that I could never find a “natural” and “green” version of! I searched for one high and low on all of my favorite green beauty websites… and no one even carried one! I even went as far as to message green makeup artists on Instagram to see what they used – because for sure that would be a must have product in their kit, right? Nope! Still no luck, even the pros were at a loss on this one. 

My first instinct was to take the DIY route. I dabbled with concoctions of cornstarch, aloe, and vegetable glycerine that left me less than impressed and had my oily lids creasing up by the time I got to work in the morning.

Then one day… As I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see a beautiful eye makeup post by green beauty YouTuber, Brianna (@iluvjesse444). Just for some background, when I first started my green beauty YouTube channel in 2012, I came across Brianna’s channel as a recommendation from one of my subscribers and have been following her ever since. Brianna is SUPER knowledgeable about all things green beauty… Good ingredients, bad ingredients, indie brands, mainstream brands… And most impressively of all, she recently came out with her own green makeup line, Brija Cosmetics! So when I saw that picture, my first thought was that Brianna MUST have created an amazing eye primer for the Brija line in order to keep those beautiful eye shadow looks crease-free.

So onto the Brija website I went and there I saw them! Not one, but TWO choices of eye shadow primers that met my ingredient standards. I knew the ingredients wouldn’t be an issue, as I already knew that Brianna stays away from the same toxic ingredients that I do and wouldn’t put anything bad in her products. But then, what got me even more excited, was when I saw the price! Only $6.00?! Is that even possible?! Now we’re 2 for 2 and bordering “too good to be true” territory. So the last thing to check off my list was obviously how well it worked. I added both of the primers, a powder and a wax, into my cart along with some pretty bronzers.


To be honest, I didn’t want to get my hopes up before trying these primers for the first time. I was convinced that with all of the luxurious oils and eye creams that I love to use, that I had been permanently cursed with incurable oily lids. Well…I can say with confidence that Brija’s eye primers are the cure! They’re officially “12-hour-humid-summer-work-day-in-NYC-approved” 😉

Here is my eye makeup before a twelve hour summer work day:

And here is after (sorry for the difference in lighting! One was in direct morning light and the other was indirect afternoon light):

No creasing!!


On an everyday basis, I only use the powder primer. I go pretty light for my everyday makeup (as pictured above), with super neutral tones consisting of a subtle crease color and some shimmer in the inner corner to brighten me up a bit. I reach for the wax only if I have a darker nighttime look going on where I really want to enhance the color payoff of the shadows or reduce fallout. The way that Brianna recommends to use the products together, is to use the powder FIRST and a bit of the wax on TOP of the powder to help enhance the colors and give the shadow something to stick to.


If you’d like to get your hands on the Brija primers yourself, you can click the links below – Brianna was sweet enough to extend a 15% off coupon to my followers and readers! Just enter ASHLEYMORGANIC15 at checkout! This coupon code will be valid until August 21st!

Powder Primer 

Wax Primer

If you guys try these out be sure to let me know how they worked out for you!

Be sure to check out Brianna on YouTube as well!



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