Fair-Trade Fashion To The Rescue

April 24, 2016 Ethical, Sustainble, Vegan Fashion

Hi eco babes,

Any fellow Aries out there? I celebrated my 26th birthday this past weekend and I was blessed with the most GORGEOUS weather a birthday girl could ever ask for 🙂 I love having a birthday this time of year – it’s always right around that first day of really beautiful weather of spring. I chose to spend my birthday weekend visiting a super relaxing and quaint little town out on the water to enjoy yummy food and take beautiful pictures of the scenery.

After a long drive and a couple flights of wine tasting later, I started to unpack my clothes for the weekend and quickly realized I was forgetting a few slightly important things. While packing, I had put my clothes on a hanger so they wouldn’t get wrinkled – but, of course, the hanger failed to make it into the car. They were a couple of thrifted items that I wanted to feature for you guys to highlight recycled/reused sustainable fashion for Fashion Revolution Week, butttt now that was clearly out the window. I was left with a workout outfit, pajamas, the clothes that I had on (a t-shirt and comfy pants), and (thank god) a pair of jeans to work with for the rest of the weekend.

I panicked for a bit, since buying clothing is not something that I do often, unless I’m extremely familiar with the brand/store that I’m buying from and approve of their production practices/materials. When you dedicate yourself to only buying ethically and sustainably, it’s extremely rare to just walk into a store in passing and find something that meets your standards for making a purchase. My boyfriend suggested checking out a few of the stores in town, although I was completely convinced there wouldn’t be anything that I would be OK with buying. I jumped on Ecosia to start looking up my options in town anyway – I figured it was worth a shot. To my advantage, we were in a small, local town that supports only local businesses and does not allow any large chain retailers – so we were off to a good start. One of the handful of clothing stores that popped up was a shop called ‘LIDO‘ – it caught my attention and I immediately checked out the “About” section on their website to see what they were all about. To my surprise (and extreme excitement!), I read that the owner of LIDO travels overseas to work hand-in-hand with local artisans that make their unique clothing. They work with fair-trade artisans in Turkey, India, and Morocco, and their pieces are STUNNING – Boho vibes with a unique twist, while still being perfectly transitional and timeless. I couldn’t have asked for my style to be pinpointed any more perfectly. Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Fashion

They had a nice little selection of tops, dresses, accessories, shoes & bags (most of which unfortunately contained genuine leather accents, so they were off limits for me), and absolutely beautiful unique jewelry. I ended up purchasing 3 beautiful timeless, airy, summery pieces that I know I will get a TON of use out of this summer and many summers to come. One of which is the shirt I am featuring in today’s post – a white, off the shoulder top with a really cool balloon-sleeved detail, which offered a nice subtle change to the usual bell-sleeves that I tend to go for.

All in all, I am thankful for the huge “Happy Birthday” blessing that I received from the sustainable fashion universe in the form of LIDO’s boutique. Not only did I pick up some great timeless pieces to add to my conscious closet, but the outfit and photos came out far better than what I originally had planned. Funny how mistakes and setbacks can lead you to what is always meant to be, right? That seems to be a reoccurring lesson throughout my life and I’ve learned to trust the universe and all that it has in store for me. Conscious outfit details below! Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Fashion

Billow-sleeved Top // LIDO

100% Cotton (Organic, too!)

Made by fair-trade artisans Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Fashion

High-waisted jeans // ZARA

Purchased before my switch to #SlowFashion.

Wooden sunnies // FENTO

Handmade from Biodegradable Materials

Fento supports reforestation – replanting trees destroyed by deforestation! These caught my eye immediately upon seeing them. I’m really trying to limit my plastic use, so when I saw these frames made from wood I instantly thought of how much more sustainable they are versus plastic frames. Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Fashion

Faux suede wrap choker // PICKS FOR PEACE

Vegan faux suede material

Handmade locally here in NYC

Portion of proceeds are donated to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Fashion


Vegan Non-Wool Hat // ASKIDAS

Handmade by a lovely Etsy seller.

Vegan felt material with a faux leather belt detail. Sustainable, Ethical, Vegan Fashion

Fringe Crossbody Bag // HIPSTERS FOR SISTERS

Material is a super soft vegan ultra suede

Produced locally and ethically in Los Angeles, CA

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