Ethical OOTD: Hanging Out In Brooklyn With @acupofjoan

December 31, 2017


Happy New Years Eve! 2018 seems like a great year to ditch fast fashion 😝I think we can all agree that we just have too…much…stuff. Am I right? One of my New Year’s intentions is to free up physical space to allow room for things, people, and experiences to enter my life that make me a better person and better serve me. Giving up fast fashion has created such a positive impact on my buying habits, it’s no longer in my nature to go out and spend aimlessly on useless crap “just because it was on sale” or “just because it was cheap” – I choose to buy things only when they serve a purpose and/or bring me joy. It makes me really happy knowing that my purchases no longer support poor working conditions for humans… animal cruelty… or negative environmental practices.

This outfit features a few of my all time favorite ethical fashion brands that are a great place to start if you’re looking to build an ethical wardrobe in 2018 🙂 it’s not hard, I promise!


The Story

So a couple weekends ago I met up with my girl Joan in Brooklyn to head over to the Vegan Shop Up. Vegan Shop Up is a pop-up shop where a number of different vegan vendors come together to one location for the day to make it convenient for us to hang out, eat delicious food, and stock up on vegan goodies! The vendors make a variety of different vegan goods; of course there are always a bunch of delicious food vendors, but then there are also companies making skincare & soaps, clothing, pottery, chocolates, desserts, baked goods…everything!

I love going to any of the shop ups, but most specifically I always try and make it to the holiday shop up that they always have right before Christmas. I love stocking up vegan cookies & other treats to bring to my holiday celebrations to share with fam and friends. I find it to be a really great way to introduce my loved ones to delicious vegan treats (which otherwise I know they would never try) in a very thoughtful and festive way. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories where I broke out a whole box of Sweet Maresa‘s rainbow cookies (purchased at the Shop Up, but you can also get them at Confectionery NYC if you’re local!) at my friend Shannon’s family Christmas Eve party and got everybody’s reaction to trying them. They were an absolute HIT to say the least!! People were fighting over them, elbows were being thrown, it got intense. Ok kidding, but… they really loved them.

Whenever Joan and I go to the Vegan Shop Ups, we’ve made it a ritual to stop by this awesome 100% vegan chocolate shop right down the street called Fine & Raw before we leave. Ok let me try and describe to you the experience of this chocolate shop… they make all of their own chocolate IN HOUSE, so the smell of fresh cocoa beans as soon a you walk in is…absolutely…devine. Its a very industrial vibe when you walk in- there are burlap sacks full of coconut sugar and other bulk ingredients used for the chocolate making stacked up around, and all of the chocolate machinery is behind a big glass wall which is really cool to see. Their chocolate making process is also RAW, so everything is done under a certain temperature to keep the superfood qualities of the cocoa bean intact for maximum nutritional benefit (& taste!). My favorite part is the giant “Chocolate Factory” light up sign (that also ended up making a really cool backdrop for the photos below!).

They make their hot chocolate with their homemade chocolate sauce. So they fill up the bottom of the cup with a big ladle full of chocolate sauce and then top it with dairy-free milk of your choice and whatever else they throw in there to make it some of the BEST hot chocolate that I’ve ever had. (Drool face emoji)


Up at the counter they have a showcase full of their delicious chocolate truffles. They are sooo super rich and decadent, this box lasted me quite awhile. I would just crave a little bit at night after dinner, and one bite would really satisfy my craving. Plus, how pretty are they?

PS – if you end up stopping by, do your tastebuds a favor and pickup a jar of their chocolate hazelnut sauce. Vegan Nutella, perfected.



The Outfit


Dreaming of vegan truffles….


Stepping into 2018 like…
(hopefully with a steamer because my jacket is hella wrinkly)

“The floor is vegan Nutella”


Check out my “13 Vegan Handbag Brands That You Need To Bookmark Today



Trench Duster // VETTA Capsule
Made from sustainable tencel fabric | Produced locally & ethically in NYC’s garment district | Women owned business


High Waisted Skinny Jeans // Reformation
Stretch denim – 51% Cotton 43% Tencel Lyocell 4% EME 2% Elastane
Saved: 22 lbs of carbon dioxide, 711 gallons of water, and 1.7 lbs of waste during the production of these jeans vs. conventionally produce denim.


Long Sleeve Shirt // Reformation from last year. Similar one here.


Vegan Handbag // Angela Roi
Vegan Leather | Gives back to the ASPCA | Produced ethically in Korea


Vegan Ankle Booties // Wills Vegan Shoes
Wills is a 100% vegan shoe and accessories company that not only does not use any animal products at all, but also is now 100% carbon neutral! They do not use any plastics in their supply chain, so everything is shipped in non-treated paper shipping bags/boxes and paper parcel tape. LOVE Will’s!!!!


All photos were taken by Joan (how talented is she?!). You can find her at @acupofjoan on Insta or over on where she ALSO showcases beautiful vegan fashion & lifestyle in a very creative, storytelling, and relative way and I am so lucky to call her my friend! <3 Love u J!



Shot from a really cute plant shop right in the area that we stopped into for a look around, too. #HouseGoals


Happy & healthy New Year to all!

PS – 2018 also seems like a really great year to go vegan 😉 just saying!

Lots of love,








Affiliate Notes: This piece is in no way sponsored and I was not asked by any of these companies to feature them. However, there are affiliate links throughout. This means that if you end up making a purchase, a small referral commission will flow through to me. Read my full promise to you here.

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