Brooklyn Street Art: Vegan Edition

January 22, 2016

Leave it to the vegan to find a wall full of fruit street art – I was laughing when I spotted this, it was too perfect and funny. So… it goes without saying that I basically had an obligation to snap some pics in my fully cruelty-free outfit in front of the fruit wall. Sustainable, compassionate, & ethical outfit details below!





Fitted V-Neck Tee | AngelRox

Made from a Bamboo / Organic Cotton blend

AngelRox is a slow-fashion clothing company located in Maine. They create soft and comfortable organic cotton / bamboo rayon knits that are perfectly flattering and perfectly sustainable. This quickly became my favorite long sleeve v-neck because of the super soft fabric and insanely flattering fit. All made in USA.

Scarf/Cape | Threads 4 Thought

I loved this piece so much I bought it in 2 different colors – and I’ve gotten SO much use out of them both. This is a scarf with a buttons along one side so that it may double as a cape or poncho. Anything with dual functionality is a plus in my book!

Made from 100% Lenzing Modal

Threads 4 Thought is an ethical and sustainable slow-fashion company dedicated to producing responsibly and supporting sustainable initiatives. Modal is a sustainable natural cellulosic fiber harvested from sustainably sourced beechwood tees.

Vegan Backpack | Fiorelli Bags

Made from 100% Polyurethane Vegan Leather

As I’ve written about in previous posts, polyurethane is my go-to material when I’m searching for great vegan leather. It is the least toxic and most sustainable option. Please stay away from any vegan leathers containing toxic PVC!

Vegan Booties | Neuaura via

Made from 100% Polyurethane Vegan Leather

Neuaura is a fully vegan shoe line that is dedicated to ethical production and eco-friendly practices. They do not use any PVC in any of their shoes. They work closely with their production facility to ensure that everything possible is recycled and reused to be as green as possible, and those are the types of companies I like to support!

Lots of vegan love,


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