13 Vegan Handbag Brands You Need To Bookmark Today

December 28, 2017

A vegan lifestyle is all encompassing. It doesn’t mean just switching over to a plant-based diet and taking animals off our plates, but it also means not buying any items that contain animal derived ingredients or materials, period. This includes handbags and our other fashion choices. You may be thinking, “yes but, by using up the leather that is left as a result of the meat industry, I’m making a more sustainable choice and not letting it go to waste”. It turns out this is actually false. It came as a huge surprise to me to learn that the demand for leather is so high (even higher than cow’s meat at this point) that leather is not a by-product of the meat industry, it’s actually more so the other way around. The bottom line is that it’s so so important for us to not contribute to the demand for these animal products at all. Every dollar that goes to a vegan brand over a brand selling animal products makes SUCH a huge impact! So today I’m bringing to you 13 Vegan Handbag Brands You Need To Bookmark Today to have on hand for the next time you’re looking to add to your collection. And thank you for choosing cruelty-free! <3



Angela Roi

I have 3 of Angela Roi’s bags, so needless to say, I LOVE THEM. All of their bags/wallets are effortlessly chic & timeless – they are styles that I truly believe will never go out of style. Pictured here I’m carrying The Eleanor Satchel, I also have the Morning Crossbody which I get an insane amount of use out of, and the V Chain Bag (which it looks like they discontinued) which I use for a bit dressier occasions or going out. The quality is impeccable and I’m super tempted to get a 4th! (Oh, hey Cher Tote!)



Matt & Nat


Matt & Nat, questionably the most well known and most mainstream vegan handbag brand, is making great waves in the vegan accessories sector. They undoubtedly have the largest selection of vegan handbags from any one given brand. They come out with a ton of new styles every season, and each style always comes in about 5 different color selections for that season. (They have some pretty killer sales too). The only reason I don’t currently have a Matt & Nat bag is because I truly can never come to a decision!! I love all of their styles and all of the colors that they come in. Us vegans aren’t used to having so many choices! 😛

Bonus Tip: they also just recently started a line of shoes (which I do have a few pairs of, and love!), which you can check out here.




Hipsters For Sisters (HFS Collective)


Hipsters For Sisters was one of the first vegan handbag brands that I remember following and having serious heart eyes for. Their original style and claim to fame is their beautiful belt bag. Think of it as an INSANELY chic, modern, and fashionable fanny pack (which by the way I’ve now just started seeing all the big fashion bloggers sporting similar styles!). I have their fringe belt bag pictured here, which I purchased some years ago. Over the years their line has expanded into all different shapes and sizes – I highly recommend checking out everything they have to offer! HFS is owned by the most adorable mom-daughter team and is based out of LA. Not only are you supporting 100% a cruelty-free brand, but also a women-owned AND local business!





Doshi is a relatively new all vegan brand on the scene, and I’m happy to introduce them to you guys! I discovered Doshi at the Eat Drink Vegan festival the past year in May of 2017 and they had just recently launched at the time. They make a beautiful selection of vegan bags including briefcases, laptop bags (which is the one that I have pictured above), wallets, belts and backpacks. They even have a nice selection of mens as well! These are very well made, truly functional bags that are for the on-the-go type of person, wanting to look great, be successful, all while keeping it cruelty-free.





Filbert is undoubtedly a vegan handbag brand worth knowing about. I could see their bags being perfect for fashionable city girls and/or moms on the go. They fit a ton, are well made, and beautifully chic and fashionable. I’m loving this style with a built in padded section for a laptop – PERFECT carry on! Every bag comes with it’s own organic cotton dust bag for proper storage in your closet when it is not in use.


Carbon Noir

Carbon Noir is a new brand sold on Etsy that I very recently discovered. How stunning, right?! Here’s the coolest part: these bags are actually made using rubber from recycled tires! Not only vegan, but keeping waste out of landfills, too! Bonus: they’re all handcrafted in Manchester, UK by Joy, the owner. They also have a pretty killer Instagram feed with a beautiful aesthetic & fun behind the scenes shots, check it out here.


Alexandra K


Alexandra K is a vegan handbag brand based out of Poland that is making absolutely STUNNING high quality vegan bags. (I mean, can we just appreciate the beauty of these pictured above?!) While writing this post I rediscovered my love for Alexandra K all over again and might just have to pick one up for myself. They have a very Celine-esque vibe to a lot of the styles, specifically this one and this one. If you’re after that high end look without the cruelty and price tag, Alexandra K is the way to go!




Gunas has been around since 2009 and was the first 100% vegan handbag brand in the USA. So they must be doing something right! I like to explain Gunas like the Betsey Johnson of vegan fashion. Very cute and fun designs, silhouettes, and colors. And based right here out of NYC!



Remember Me Green

Who knew that NYC billboards could be up-cycled into adorable and sturdy tote bags? Well Remember Me Green is the company that is making it happen. These bags are produced locally and ethically right here in NY (I’ve been to their offices and seen the production in action!) and are keeping excess waste out of landfills. Billboards are made out of a nylon material that normally gets discarded to the landfill after the ad campaign is finished. Remember Me Green is rescuing the used billboards, washing them, and turning them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind bags that will last you years to come. You can watch the behind the scenes video of how the bags are made here (you may see a familiar face! :P).

They come in largemedium, and small totes. Along with makeup bags/travel pouches, and even wine bags!

Did I mention that they are fully customizable? Check out my custom “Vegan AF” bag! You can create your own here!

Coupon Code: Enter “ASHLEYMORGANIC” for 10% off your order!



Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood is a 100% vegan handbag brand based out of Canada which has filled a void in the vegan accessories space, providing truly AFFORDABLE vegan handbags! You really cannot beat their prices. And the range of styles and colors that they have is super impressive. At a quick glance of their website, I don’t see any bags over $100, most being in the $80-$90 range. For those looking for the most frugal option for your next beautiful vegan bag, Pixie Mood is your brand!


Lee Coren


Lee Coren has a special place in my cruelty-free fashion heart, as there has never been a time that I’ve scrolled upon her posts on Instagram and NOT had total and complete heart eyes for all of her styles. The one pictured here is my long time favorite (and it comes in other GORGEOUS colors like a deep burgundy red and an indigo blue). Also check out my girl Joan ( / @acupofjoan on Insta) sporting Lee’s super functional backpack which I know she absolutely loves for long days out and about in NYC. The most impressive part: Lee is the founder, designer, AND maker behind all of her beautiful handbags. And she documents her process so beautifully on her Instagram. Talk about supporting a truly sustainable and ethical business! Lee is a total vegan girl boss goals!



Denise Roobol



Denise Roobol is another vegan handbag brand that was on my radar very early on in my cruelty-free fashion journey. Her clean styles and beautiful pastel color selection is what originally caught my eye. I currently have her envelope card holder keychain, which I really love and use everyday. Shipping tip: USA shipping is free when your order is above 150 euro. Remember she’s located in the Netherlands, so allow extra time for shipping.



Stella McCartney

Photo by my friend / @aliaslouiseblog on Insta!


Ok, now I wasn’t originally planning on including Stella McCartney in this list, but it always surprises me how many people still are unaware that all of her bags are leather-free! To clarify: Stella McCartney is a vegetarian brand, not a vegan brand. So her sweaters and other clothing do contain materials like wool and cashmere, but any “leather” materials that you see are 100% faux leather. Her signature bag is the Falabella, which you probably recognize. I’m currently crushing on this one pictured above (and just about every other one as well, but… lets come back to reality here, Ash!). PS: She even makes a beautiful piece of luggage, too.


Do you have any bags in your closet from any of the above mentioned brands? What do you think of them? Let me and the other readers know in the comments below!


Lots of vegan love,







Affiliate Notes: This piece is in no way sponsored and I was not asked by any of these companies to feature them. However, there are affiliate links throughout. This means that if you end up making a purchase, a small referral commission will flow through to me. Read my full promise to you here.

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